Traffic management services are highly-important for projects and events and engaging in a quality traffic control course is essential for Traffic Engineers and Planners. Projects such as construction projects or events require efficient traffic planning and road safety is extremely important in planning. Traffic control training is the way to become qualified in traffic management planning and with Global Training Services Pty Ltd, we offer exceptional traffic control training for people looking to diversify their skills or upskill their knowledge and expertise.

A traffic control licence is essential for engaging in traffic management. Each person who undertakes our traffic control course walks out with the skills and knowledge to engage in planning and management of traffic. Projects require traffic management plans and to formulate a plan requires the knowledge from traffic control training. Council approval is required and it is crucial to have a conducive plan in place to gain approval. While road safety is extremely crucial, the plan should tackle how the traffic will flow and the hindrance to traffic flow that the project or event will cause. The traffic management plan will highlight any potential issues with traffic and a traffic control course is the right step in the direction of being able to formulate a plan.

Global Training Services Pty Ltd offers a course that is unparalleled and you can be confident in gaining insight into traffic engineering and gaining a traffic control licence to equip you with the skills and confidence to engage in traffic management planning. To undertake the traffic control course with us you need to have a driver’s licence and a White Card to gain access to the site. You also need to be physically and mentally fit to complete the course and upon completion you will receive a statement of attainment and can obtain a traffic control licence.

Accreditation is a must when it comes to construction projects or events when traffic management is required. There is often trucks that are loading and unloading, heavy machinery reversing and moving on site as well as temporary buildings. It is vital that Workplace, Health and Safety (WH&S) is considered when planning traffic management and information and knowledge on this will be covered in the traffic control course.

For events, there is ‘bump in’ and ‘bump out’ which are high risk in traffic management and require individuals such as Traffic Engineers and Planners to have completed a quality traffic control course in order to ascertain the requirements for these phases. Unloading equipment and goods, setting up stages and tents and temporary fixtures is all part of event stages and traffic control training can aid you in determining a suitable traffic management plan for the event phases.

Global Training Services Pty Ltd offers a traffic control course that is quality over quantity and we adhere to Workplace, Health & Safety (WH&S) regulations and protocols as well as efficiency with determining traffic management plans. You will gain firsthand knowledge of how to create a plan and how to manage traffic effectively during a project or event. Traffic control training with us is recognised when you gain the statement of attainment and obtain a traffic control licence so you can go forth and become a qualified traffic controller.


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