Renewal training

Traffic cONTROL training



 Course assessment duration is approx. 4 hours

Renewal Process requirements

Participants will be required to bring copies of their work dockets/ timesheets (showing 32 hours of traffic control work conducted throughout the year) and a letter from their company confirming their employment and use of traffic control as part of their duties.  

The participant must demonstrate the following minimum knowledge evidence for controlling traffic with stop-slow bat: 

  • site and equipment safety requirements
  • traffic controlling requirements and procedures
  • complying with traffic management plans
  • erecting traffic control signage and barricades
  • communication device operations
  • determine equipment types, characteristics, technical capabilities and limitations
  • operational and maintenance procedures for equipment
  • detailing site isolation and traffic control responsibilities and authorities
  • describing the effects of travel speed and vehicle mass on stopping distances 
  • interpreting and implementing safe work method statement

The participant must demonstrate the following minimum performance evidence for controlling traffic with stop-slow bat: 

  • locates and applies relevant documentation, policies and procedures
  • demonstrates completion of controlling traffic with a stop-slow bat that safely, effectively and efficiently meets all of the required outcomes on more than one (1) occasion including:
  • reading and interpreting the work instruction and planning work activity accordingly
  • positioning signage and barriers
  • directing and controlling vehicle traffic
  • directing and controlling pedestrian traffic
  • communicating to drivers and pedestrians clearly using hand signals
  • using approved communication devices such as hand held radios or phones to transmit message and report of offenders
  • removing or covering signs after work completion. 

TMR cost of license renewal – $203.40

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