Traffic Management training



Course Duration: 4 hours (theoretical component). 

Traffic Management is targeted at persons required to implement Traffic Management Plans (TMP).  

Many participants will not require training beyond this level.  

TMR also administers the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Part 3 “Works on Roads” of the MUTCD sets out principles for the development, installation and operation of traffic guidance schemes.  

This unit requires compliance with the

  • Code of Practice – ‘Traffic Management for Construction or Maintenance Work’ Qld
  • Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) – Part 3
  • Transport Operations’ Road Use Management Act and Regulations 1995
  • Site specific Traffic Guidance Scheme

Department of Transport and Main Roads have provided a best practice assessment instrument which addresses the safe and effective application of knowledge and skill to workplace tasks (performance).

Employability Skills

The qualification’s Employability Skills Summary in which this unit is included will assist in identifying employability skill requirements.

Application of the unit:

Work performed requires a range of well-developed skills where some discretion and judgement is required and individuals will take responsibility for their own outputs.

Participants are required to demonstrate competence of this unit by implementing three (3) traffic guidance schemes on live roadwork job sites and simulated in class as four (4) person group activity. 

This will be at the discretion of the RTO, based on the following:

  • Environmental
  • Site location
  • Availability of suitable sites
  • Availability of suitable work
  • The current employment of the participant with a traffic management company
  • The current level of employment; surveyor, engineer etc.

This list is not exhaustive but will be at the RTO’s discretion.

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