Traffic Mangement Training


This training provides the skills and knowledge required to implement a traffic guidance scheme for roadwork ensuring traffic flow is maintained and safety of the public and workers is maximised.

This unit in its current form meets state and territory training requirements required by the relevant code of practice for implementing a traffic guidance scheme.

Training is for participants to acquire the knowledge, skill and understanding of the traffic management plan on the given site, interpret and set up the site according to the traffic plans provided to ensure traffic flow in safely maintained.

The ability to communicate with the team members, monitor and record the traffic guidance scheme.

The ability to remove the traffic guidance scheme at the end of the shift, and to secure and shut down the site.

The practical component of the training includes completion of 3 site sets ups.

Please Note

All participants required to complete the Traffic Management Training must complete two eLearning programs.   The new eLearning programs have been released as part of the department’s drive to improve safety.

All participants requiring this training are required to complete the following eLearning modules:

Working in Proximity to Traffic Part 1 – Awareness

This course has been developed for new entrants to the construction and traffic management industry or anyone who is required to participate in and/or carry out short term low impact work activities on or near the roadway or in proximity to traffic.

Working in Proximity to Traffic Part 2 – Works Protection Methods

This course has been developed for workers who carry out short term, low impact works on or near roads and need to select and apply appropriate works protection methods in accordance with MUTCD Part 3. 

Upon successful completion of the two (2) online courses you will be issued with certificates of completion.  These certificates must be provided on the day of training or when the 3rd Party Report has been completed.

Both short courses owned by TMR and can be found on their website.  Each course costs $39.60 and payment must be made by credit card online before commencement.


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